Love suffers long: learning from an unlikely source

Love endures for all time and never fails.

Since making the commitment to participate in the postaday2011 initiative, I have been endeavoring to post a blog each day. Sometimes I awake with a topic or issue of interest, and the flow comes forth almost effortlessly.  At other times I seem hard pressed to come up with a topic that I can really get into. Occasionally I will “stumble upon” an idea while looking for something totally unrelated. Such was the case, yesterday with “Wait on God City of My Soul.” Today I read an email from a friend and fellow believer, Tom Swift,  who sends out weekly devotionals from  Truth in Love Ministries, and I was immediately drawn into his discussion of love in light of the mythological figure  Sisyphus, whom Countee Cullen, famed poet of the Harlem Renaissance, described as doomed “to struggle up a never ending stair.”  Tom used what is generally perceived as a grossly negative character to show the positive attribute of charity/love as “long-suffering.” Click here to read the devotional in its entirety.

As I read the sharing by Brother Tom, I recalled the quotation that my wife, Brenda, placed on our wedding invitation when we sent them out going on 38 years ago: “Sharing is caring/A love of endless giving.”

In addition, I recently composed a poem for one of the students in a writing class that I teach, a young woman from Ghana named “Everlove.”  Recently she has endured a number of personal tragedies, and as I was thinking about her and praying for her, I was inspired to compose poem to encourage her. I had never met anyone with the name “Everlove” which has deep significance in light of the essence of the message regarding love which endures all things and never fails.

Everlove Is Your Name 

For Everlove Agyeiwae

Love ever gives,
And ever stands
With open hands.

And while it lives,
It gives.

For this is love’s prerogative:
To give, and give, and give.

John Oxenham


Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful,

and endures through every circumstance.

1 Corinthians 13:   [New Living Translation]


Everlove is your name, given to remind you             

To let love prevail in all that you say and do.                 

That God’s love endures forever, never forget.                      

In trying times accept God’s love–have no regret.   


Men may disappoint, but God’s love is ever true                   

To all who follow the path of love and pursue.       

In the midst of storms, never worry–do not fret.         

Everlove is your name.                                   


Look to the God of love, one who makes all things new.       

He restores and refreshes, as the morning dew.                                                           

Although Satan’s fiery darts seem to pose a threat,    

Trust God–He will not fail but will be with you yet.        

These words from God’s heart are given to remind you:          

Everlove is your name.         

I wrote the poem as a reminder to someone whose name has profound significance, but it is likewise a reminder to me that love has sustaining power that endures for all time.  May you also recall that love never fails, as so beautifully expressed in this recording by pianist Jim Brickman and vocalist Amy Sky.

For further discussion of the three golden attributes of life: faith, hope and love, check out these articles:

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