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Stay the course

August 4, 2018

Instead of looking at the Verse of the Day, as we so often do, today we are going to examine the Phrase of the Day for August 4, 2018:

“Stay the course.”

The short three-word imperative sentence means “to keep going strongly to the end of a race or contest.” The expression is often used in an athletic context. Two recent blog posts spoke of the end of a race or an athletic event with specific references to the “finish line” while another entry indicated our desire as believers, not just to finish but to have a “strong finish” as we complete the work God has sent us to do.

Used by presidents and pundits, “Stay the course” has also been used in the context of a war or battle, meaning to pursue a goal regardless of any obstacles or criticism. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the expression means “to continue doing something until it is finished or until you achieve something you have planned to do.” The phrase means to continue in some effort or course of action to its end, in spite of difficulties or obstacles. A synonym would be to persevere, to “keep on keeping on.” A person keeps trying to accomplish a task and simply does not give up.

These lyrics to a Children’s Ministry Song offer words of encouragement to God’s Children at any age:

Never give up
Keep your chin up
Never give up
But realize
You’ve got to go through
To get to the prize.

So never give up
Keep your chin up
In the end perseverance always pays.
In the end perseverance always pays.

In a similar way, this poem also exhorts believers to

Stay the Course

Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence

to make your calling and election sure:

for if you do these things, you shall never fall:

2 Peter 1:10


We barely begin to extol your wondrous ways.
We barely begin to extol your wondrous ways,
Though we born to give you praise all of our days.

We woke up this morning with our mind stayed on you.
We woke up this morning with our mind stayed on you.
For we know you’ll show us what we need to do.

We don’t want to be ignorant but walk as the wise.
We don’t want to be ignorant but walk as the wise.
Now we clearly see since you opened our blinded eyes.

You tell us to stay the course: To watch, fight and pray.
You tell me to stay the course: To watch, fight and pray.
We will trust you, Lord, no matter what others say.

Despite the trials of this life, we will endure.
With zeal we make our calling and election sure.

As we stay the course we will finish the word we have been sent to do with a “strong finish,” so says Jonathan Nelson:

It is finished that we might finish strong

August 26, 2017

John 4--34

Instead of the usual Verse of the Day, today we are going to examine the phrase or the Word for the Day for August 26, 2017: fait ac·com·pli

According to, this French expression means “something that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept.” The noun describes “an accomplished fact, something that has already been done.” Colloquially speaking, “a done deal.”

Recently Bishop Charles Mellette of Christian Provision Ministries in Sanford, NC has been reminding the congregation of all that God has accomplished for us through the finished work of Jesus Christ, reiterating repeatedly that “It is already done! It is already done!”

What comes to mind are some of the last words spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ: “It is finished.” Oswald Chambers speaks of “The greatest note of triumph ever sounded in the ears of a startled universe was that sounded on the Cross of Christ— “It is finished!” That is the final word in the redemption of humankind.

Just as Christ finished the work that He was sent to accomplish, as believers we also seek to complete the work that each of us has been sent to fulfill:

As We Finish the Work

Jesus said to them, My food (nourishment)

is to do the will (pleasure) of Him Who sent Me

and to accomplish and completely finish His work.

John 4:34 (Amplified Bible)


As we finish the work that God sent us to do

And seek to fulfill all His will and leave our mark,

The Lord will bless and refresh and make all things new.

The fire on the altar inflamed from a small spark

Beckons as we press to reach the top of the mount.

People called, destined to be abundantly blessed,

We reap the good of this life’s bountiful harvest,

Reflecting upon God’s favor as we recount

All the days of our lives in multiples of five,

Yet another expression of grace upon grace.

As we persevere not just to survive but thrive

We triumph with renewed strength to finish our race.

With all that lies within us, we seek to inspire

Others to serve the Lord: this is our heart’s desire.

Jonathan Nelson concludes with a word of exhortation in song: “Finish Strong”