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On Father’s Day: We Be Brothers

June 19, 2016

Proverbs 17--17

On Father’s Day, June 19, 2016, I would like to share a special poem originally written in tribute to men of God, those who are connected as beloved brothers in Christ. I preface the poem with an experience that occurred several weeks ago during a Sunday morning service at Christian Provision Ministries in Sanford, NC when Bishop Charles Mellette called on me to be a part of a living illustration to emphasize a particular aspect of the message that he was delivering. He asked me and another member of the congregation to stand as two believers, two brothers connected by the Spirit of the Living God. In describing us, Bishop Mellette remarked, “Spirit is thicker than blood.”

His comment brought to mind a statement that I first heard more than 30 years by the late Skip Mesquite, celebrated saxophonist and songwriter, who performed with Tower of Power and other prominent musicians and singers back in the day. When I learned of his falling asleep in Christ, I commented about one of his songs: “Hey, Brother,” the composition written for his brother by blood, trying to explain why he was closer to his brothers in the spirit than to his own “flesh and blood.” I was so moved by his performance that I was inspired to write “We Be Brothers” which I dedicated to Skip. Since first completing the poem, I have read it countless times, expressing the bond of brotherhood shared with fellow believers. It is certainly a fitting tribute to fathers and those who strive to maintain the ideals of true brotherhood:

We Be Brothers

“Spirit is thicker than blood.

Oh, yes, it is, brother.”

Skip Mesquite,

songwriter, saxophonist


men born again in brotherhood

beyond thin skinship of the soul

not blood but spirit makes us kin

we be true brothers, brother-man


I dig your gig, so rap to me

and play the sounds I need to hear

tune me in and play my number

just call me on your saxophone


soothe my soul with those mellow notes

flowing from your horn of plenty

man, make your heart-song melt my dark

and paint my skies in sunrise hues


I can escape the basement gloom

to scale the palace stairs with you

we climb to where the air is rare

we be true brothers, brother-man

Happy Father’s Day to all “true brothers, brother-men.”