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Marriage: a love of endless giving

December 24, 2014
Angela and Shajuan Joyner on their wedding day, December 21, 2014

Angela and Shajuan Joyner on their wedding day, December 21, 2014

As the week passes swiftly moving toward Christmas Day, I pause to reflect upon a memorable event that occurred this past Sunday: the wedding ceremony for Shajuan Jermaine Joyner and Angela Renee Johnson, our younger daughter. Not only did I have the privilege of escorting my daughter down the aisle, but I was also doubly honored to have officiated the marriage ceremony. In absorbing the essence of that memorable event, Proverbs 13:19a came to mind:

The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul:

I also recall 1 Corinthians 2:14:

Now thanks be unto God who always causes us to triumph in Christ and makes manifest the sweet savor of His knowledge by us in every place

Shajuan and Angela’s wedding took place on Sunday, December 21, four days before Christmas, a time where the concept of giving is clearly demonstrated. Marriage also provides boundless opportunities to give, as is expressed in this original poem which was recited during the ceremony:

For Shajuan and Angela

on their Special Day

December 21, 2014

Reflections on Marriage

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a love of endless giving


Marriage isn’t funny,

But it can be fun,

Taking two distinct parts

And blending them into one.


In marriage we give and receive to live.

Just how this works is so hard to conceive.

But the same hand that opens up to give

Is the same hand that opens to receive.

Give and then see what the Lord has in store.

Live and start to give and then give some more.

When at last you come to find a closed door,

Open up and then give and give some more.


Love ever lives,

Outlives, forgives,

And while it stands

With open hands, it lives.

For this is love’s prerogative:

To give and give and give.


He who lives and never gives,

May live for years and never live.

But he who lives and lives to give

Shall live for years with more to give.


Whether at Christmastime or in marriage or for any other celebration, giving is always in season.