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Celebrating my birthday: Recalling the first and most recent “occasional” poetry

June 17, 2013

June 17

As an “occasional” poet, meaning that I have been known to pen a poem or two from time to time, as well as being someone who writes poetry for specific occasions. One such occasion that generally inspires me to write a poem is my birthday. Today is my birthday, and as I began my day in reflecting with great gratitude over the past 71 years, I happened to recall the first occasional poem that I wrote, even before I ever acknowledged and accepted the poet’s calling.  My twenty-first birthday seemed a noteworthy occasion worth commenting on, and so I wrote a few lines which I entitled “Upon Turning Twenty-one,” a title that suggests a work of much grander proportions than my feeble first efforts might indicate.  Two years ago, I posted a blog entry written in celebration of my birthday, making reference to my first “occasional poem.” Here is a link to that particular entry:

Today, in celebration of my birthday, I composed a new poem in which I refer to that first poem and several other compositions written over the years. I trust that you will read, reflect, and appreciate the sentiment that I express as a poet rooted in the Bible, writing from a Christian perspective


Poet Laureate

Reflections on my 71st birthday

June 17, 2013


The breath of the Spirit stirred my passion to create

With words to commemorate “Upon Turning Twenty-one”

My calling as so-called “self-appointed poet laureate:”

Before God even spoke, the work was already done.

He knew I would seek to be all He called me to be.

A son of Issachar, I inquire what does it mean

To stand at this time and place: “This Year of My Jubilee”

“Upon Turning Seventy-one” today in 2013.

“Young man, you’re born for luck,” I heard a wise woman say.

Happy, blessed, and fortunate is the man in the first Psalm.

The blessings of the Lord have abounded all along the way,

As I flourish in the courts of God as a fruitful palm.

The grace of God still abounds these three score years and ten plus one

I assess my life with gratitude “When All is Said and Done.”