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Reflecting on God’s goodness as we celebrate forty-nine years

August 31, 2022
This family portrait reflects my gratitude to God on our 49th anniversary

Today, August 31, 2022, I reflect with the deepest gratitude to God for an event taking place 49 years ago. Brenda Joyce Warren and Lonnell Edward Johnson exchanged wedding vows, and that occasion always brings to mind the Providence of God that brought us together in Washington, DC. So often when I wax reflective, I also wax poetic and recall these poetic lines to describe our coming together:

We each prayed and God answered, as I remember.

Before I knew you, I reached toward you in my heart,                                 

Where I had prepared, set aside a special place.

Until we met, I had been patiently waiting.

Our lives were entwined, and we were forever changed,

As we vowed to walk in God’s love from that moment.

We have returned to live in the Washington, DC-Northern Virginia-Maryland area to be near our daughter, Melissa, her husband, William, and our first grandson, Kingston. Our younger daughter, Angela, and her husband, Shajuan are a couple of hours away in Wilmington, DE. We are blessed to be near our family as we embark upon the next phase of our journey. Indeed, we are thrilled beyond words to see what the Lord has awaits us.

All I know is that “The Best is Yet to Come,” so sings Mack Brock, featuring Pat Barrett:

I thank God for you

August 30, 2018


The last day in August is a special day for a number of reasons. It is the prelude to Labor Day and the celebration of the end of the summer marked by family outings, mini-vacations, and other celebrations. It is another “doubly lovely” day for my wife and me since we were married on August 31, as we celebrate another year of God’s blessings upon our marriage. Such occasions often inspire a poetic work, and here is an expression of my thoughts this year:

I Thank God for You

For my beloved Brenda
In celebration of our 45th anniversary
August 31, 2018

I thank God for you.

With gratitude to God, who hears and answers prayer,
We reflect and rejoice, aware of His constant care.
Forty-five years flow: multiples of amazing grace,
Unfailing love so strong, not even time can erase.

I thank God for you.

We look upon the beauty of the precious sapphire,
To remind us of the spark that first kindled desire.
As Christ loved the Church, willing to sacrifice his life,
So I renew my promise to serve my beloved wife.

I thank God for you.


Through each valley, plateau, climbing to a grand mountain view

We offer praise to God, our Father, who makes all things new.

God speaks to confirm His promise He will honor us:

All things work together according to His purpose.


I thank God for you.

   Photo taken during our first year of marriage.

Brenda and I have a number of songs that mean so much to us. One of our all-time favorite songs dates back to the beginning of our friendship and marriage: “You Make Me Feel Brand New” by the Stylistics:

Brenda and I have been so blessed with a loving family: our daughters Melissa and her husband William and our grandson Kingston; Angela and her husband Shajuan along with an extended family and a host of friends and acquaintances who continue to enrich our lives. We are grateful to God for all who have extended their love and blessings to us during this time of celebration.