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Happy Birthday–My Beloved–BJ

October 8, 2020
Happy Birthday to My Beloved BJ
On your birthday and every day
This is all I have to say to you. . .
“If Only You Knew”

Morning reflections: Praise to the Lord for another year

June 17, 2020

This morning I begin my time of prayer and meditation thinking about the goodness of God and His mercy that have brought to see another day. Today is especially significant as I celebrate my 78th birthday. My heart overflows with gratitude to God, my gracious heavenly Father, for all that He has done. Out of the abundance of my heart, I offer this psalm of gratitude in celebration on this another “Good News Day.”:

Praise to the Lord

In celebration of my 78th Birthday
June 17, 2020

Praise to the Lord,
The almighty, the King of creation

Traditional hymn

Praise to the Lord continues to be my heart-song:
Thanksgiving abounds and resounds my whole life long.
Goodness overflows from Father’s horn of plenty,
As I declare His favor in 2020:
In a world of darkness with unthinkable crimes,
Love shines to all generations, even our times.
His lovingkindness and mercy abound to me:
With opened eyes focused on God’s will, as I see
Tokens of His love and grace and all He has done:
My wife, two daughters, their husbands, and a grandson.
Because of His healing presence, I am alive,
Made whole, not only do I live but also thrive
And know the life-giving power of God’s matchless Word:
All He gives and all that awaits–Praise to the Lord.

Travis Cottrell offers a beautiful rendition of the classic hymn from which the title of my psalm is taken:

A song for Brenda

October 7, 2018

Instead of the usual Verse of the Day or some other variation, today’s blog entry is a special tribute to a special lady, my wife Brenda, as we celebrate a special occasion:

Through the ages, men have been inspired to write songs for the love of their lives. Often these compositions sing of the special lady by name. Thinking of my wife, Brenda, as she celebrates her 70th birthday inspired this expression of my love for my Sweet Lady:

A Song for Brenda

Celebrating her 70th birthday
October 8, 2018

Each man is inspired by his fair lady;
Many a man has penned a song or two:
For Molly and Dolly and Ora Lee
And for the love Nina never knew.

Some songs are written for the love that’s seen
In the eyes of the cutest girl in town:
Amy, Diana, Fanny, Gigi, and Jean
Liza, Delilah, and Sweet Georgia Brown.

Some songs are written to capture the grace
In the wide smiles that wile and beguile you:
Margie, Maria, and Nancy with the laughing face;
Laura, Louise, and don’t forget Sweet Sue.

Of all the lyrics composed for ladies
The finest words were omitted somehow.
There never was a tender ballad for Brenda
There never was her love song until now.

When Brenda and I moved to North Carolina the first time, from time to time we went to Myrtle Beach. While there we discovered beach music and the shag (we called it fast dancing or the bop or some other name). We loved to shag and still do. In fact, we placed first in the shag division in a dance contest when we were taking dance lessons back in the day. We have the trophy to prove it. On one of our trips to Myrtle Beach we heard what has become one of “our songs”: the beach music classic by OC Smith: Brenda:


Happy Birthday, Beautiful.

With a most grateful heart

June 17, 2018

Today, June 17, 2018 is a special day of celebration for me. Not only is this my 76th birthday, but it is also Father’s Day, “a doubly lovely day.” Often on such occasions, I recite “Good News Day” as a prophetic declaration to remind us to rejoice and celebrate the goodness of God one more time:

Good News Day

This is the day the LORD has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

It’s a good news day
No blues day
New shoes
No way to lose
What a good news day

It’s a great day
I can’t wait day
Lift your voice
Let’s rejoice
Good God, a good news day

It’s a payday
going my way day
no nay–all yea
what you say
Such a good news day

It’s a live it up day
overflowing cup day
It’s a bright and bubbly
doubly lovely
Show-nuff good news day

For the past several years, I have composed a poem on my birthday, generally a reflective piece written in celebration of God’s goodness over the past year. From time to time, I think of the words of Saint Augustine: “To contemplate the truth and to share the fruits of that contemplation.” Here are some of my thoughts on this very special occasion:

With a Most Grateful Heart

Reflections on my seventy-sixth birthday
June 17, 2018

O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
His lovingkindness endures forever
Psalm 118:1 (AMP)

With a most grateful heart still overflowing with love,
I give praise to God for every victory we have won,
To stand upon this mountain, once more to rise above:
A faithful friend, father, husband, a beloved son.
In loving kindness God soothed my soul and cast out fears.
Assured nothing can separate me, not even death,
For each day of these bountiful seventy-six years
I give thanks with all my being with each precious breath.
To share from the wellspring of my soul, I seek to find
The right words to express the depths of my gratitude
For a fruitful spirit, healthy body, and sound mind.
Reflecting on God’s goodness evokes this joyful mood.
As I look into the mirror with new eyes, now I see
A miracle: the mighty man of faith God called me to be.

Smokie Norful with a live performance of “Dear God” provides a perfect benediction to this celebration: