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On Pearl Harbor Day: A spiritual parallel

December 7, 2017

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 stands out as one of the most successful surprise attacks in the history of warfare. More than 2,400 people were killed during the attack, with eighteen American ships suffering damage. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor with a force of 423 planes based on three aircraft carriers. The entire fleet of thirty ships went relatively undetected throughout its journey to Hawaii. The entire attack lasted less than four hours, resulting in the sinking of 21 out of 96 of the ships anchored in the harbor. Of the nearly 400 fighter planes sitting at airbases on the island 188 were destroyed and another 159 damaged.

The Japanese had incorrectly assumed that if they could cripple the US Pacific Fleet that the country as a whole would be demoralized and significantly set the country back as they struggled to rebuild. Instead, the attack solidified the emotions of the people and led to the eventual fall of the Japanese Empire. The United States entered the war as a strong fighting force within just sixty days after the Pearl Harbor bombing, a far cry from the six to eighteen months expected by the Japanese. On December 7, the nation recognizes this pivotal event of WWII, known as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day or Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day or Pearl Harbor Day.

A Spiritual Parallel

Dennis Cramer, internationally recognized for his prophetic ministry, drew a spiritual parallel to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Here is an excerpt from a message to the Body of Christ. Although the message was originally spoken more than 12 years ago, it still has application, particularly today.

I believe this is the word of the Lord for you: It’s December 7, 1941, all over again! You have just been through your spiritual Pearl Harbor experience. You have just been blind-sided. You have just been hit below the belt. You have just been thrust into a spiritual war, a combat zone, a hostile environment, totally against your will.

A strong biblical response is necessary. . . You must fight back. You must defend yourself. You have been the target of a demonic “sneak attack” and you have suffered, nearly becoming another spiritual fatality. You’ve been spiritually bullied around too long. You’ve been spiritually victimized too long. You’ve been spiritually defeated far too long. It’s simply time to win. It’s time to emerge as the victor! And to the victor go the spoils!

I’m convinced that praise is the number one weapon of YOUR warfare. Through praise it’s time for you to execute vengeance, punish your enemy, bind evil forces, and carry out the judgment against all of hell. Also, as you praise God, I want you to do something more. It’s time for YOU to claim the four-fold guarantee of Christ’s atonement. Plus, realize that his atonement was and is a finished work. Jesus didn’t say, “It is over.” He said, “It is finished.” The work of the cross was and is a finished, completed, perfect work for YOU. There’s nothing more you can do except to receive within YOU what Christ did for YOU. This includes total forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and prosperity for you, as well as total defeat for your archenemy, the devil.

Receive now His forgiveness for all your sin, past and present. Receive now His total healing for your life: spirit, soul, and body. Receive now any deliverance you may require to be free. And, expect to walk in total prosperity now, both in natural things as well as in spiritual things. Accept the total package Christ has for YOU now. Remember, YOU are the one who must do the receiving. This is your right and your responsibility.

Reflecting on the significance of Pearl Harbor Day and the words of Dennis Cramer, this poetic expression came to mind:

Our Total Package

Our lives reveal our deepest thoughts as scrolls unfold.
Grace, mercy, peace, and God’s favor still overflow,
Flooding our hearts, as blessings abound one hundred fold.
Passion consumes us; we pursue that we might know
Fullness of joy as we seek to follow His ways,
As we stand with pure hearts in total forgiveness,
As we reckon our accounts: sum of all our days.
Washed and cleansed in the beauty of His holiness,
Touched by His power we receive total healing,
Far beyond the tokens of our inheritance.
With faces uncovered and His glory revealing,
We seize our destiny of total deliverance:
Foretaste of the sweetness of the final victory,
As we savor rewards of total prosperity.

Kevin Levar offers a song related to forgiveness, one of the components of the “Total Package”: “A Heart that Forgives”