Be likeminded: What does that mean?

Revised and re-posted below is the Verse of the Day for May 20, 2021,  coming from Romans 15:5-6 in the New Living Translation:

May God, who gives this patience and encouragement, help you live in complete harmony with each other, as is fitting for followers of Christ Jesus. Then all of you can join together with one voice, giving praise and glory to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here is the New King James rendering:

Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus: That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here we find a verse that encourages believers to be “likeminded,” but exactly what does that mean?  In addition to its use in Romans 15:5, the phrase is used in Philippians 2:2:

Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord of one mind.

In these two instances the expression is used as a verb derived from a compound word meaning to think, “to be minded in a certain way, attitude, disposition of mind.” The Jubilee Bible translates the phrase “to be unanimous among yourselves.”

The phrase “likeminded,” is also used as an adjective in Philippians 2:20 where Paul describes his relationship with his “spiritual son,” Timothy:

For I have no man likeminded, who will naturally care for your state.

Here the term is translated from another compound word meaning  “equal souled.”

Verse 6 of Romans 15 exhorts the followers of Christ to be unified with “one mind and with one mouth glorify God. . . .” The one mind that Christians should have is “the mind of Christ” referred to in Philippians 2:5 in the Amplified Bible which offers this reminder:

Let this same attitude and purpose and [humble] mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus: [Let Him be your example in humility:]

The Scriptures also encourage us to put on the mind of Christ, to put off the old and put on the new. We are not to be conformed to the world, nor should we think as the world thinks, but the Word of God exhorts us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. When we, as believers, keep our minds focused or stayed on the Lord, we are kept in perfect peace. Although we endeavor to remain consistent in our efforts to let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus, our thoughts stray from time to time. This original poem makes known the reality of our sometimes-failing efforts to stay our minds on the Lord:


What is man that You are mindful of him,
And the son of man that You visit him?

Psalm 8:4

Although we croon “You were always on my mind,”

We admit that has not been the reality.

Our thoughts may stray down some distant alley, and we find

Ourselves in places where we do not desire to be.

Those times of wandering are fewer than before,

As we are mindful that you are ever mindful,

We strive to abide in your presence more and more.

Your Word, both spoken and written, is remindful

That your passionate thoughts toward all men are constant,

That your thoughts toward us are endlessly good.

You are ever mindful to keep your covenant,

But we must align our thoughts to be as they should.

We want our lives to speak in all we say and do,

So that others see Christ and say, “God is with you.”

Jennifer Jill closes with a musical exhortation of Philippians 2:5-11: “Let this Mind Be in You.”

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