More Good News from Dr. J

In my most recent blog post for July 19, 2020, I shared one more reminder encouraging believers: “Do not fear.” The heart of the entry came as an excerpt from Chapter 5 of my book Embracing Your Life Sentence: How to Turn Life’s Greatest Tragedies into Your Greatest Triumphs.

When diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000, I did not see “a death sentence” but a “life sentence” that transformed my thinking. I share his holistic strategy to combat prostate cancer, weaving original poetry, Scripture, and a battle plan that shows how I emerged, not just as a survivor but more than a conqueror.

Here is some good news. My triumphant account has been nominated for a book award through Author Academy Elite in the category of Religious Non-fiction. Selection of the Top Ten finalists will be based, in part, on popular vote.

To support Dr. J and participate in voting, go to, and click on the red link for“2020 Authors Awards.”Using the Blue Arrow at the top, find the Religious Non-Fiction section, (Category 11) then go down and find his book’s cover, Embracing Your Life Sentence: How To Turn Life’s Greatest Tragedies into Your Greatest Triumphs, and click on his book to Vote. The Top Ten Finalists in each category will be invited to present their book synopsis at an Author Academy Awards Red Carpet Gala on October 23, 2020, in Columbus, Ohio. The winners will be announced later that evening at the Author Academy Awards Ceremony where they will be invited to give an acceptance speech.

Thanks for your support, and thanks for sharing the Good News.


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  1. wilkersonj59gmailcom Says:

    Awesome 👏🏽 🙏🏿

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