A song for Brenda

Instead of the usual Verse of the Day or some other variation, today’s blog entry is a special tribute to a special lady, my wife Brenda, as we celebrate a special occasion:

Through the ages, men have been inspired to write songs for the love of their lives. Often these compositions sing of the special lady by name. Thinking of my wife, Brenda, as she celebrates her 70th birthday inspired this expression of my love for my Sweet Lady:

A Song for Brenda

Celebrating her 70th birthday
October 8, 2018

Each man is inspired by his fair lady;
Many a man has penned a song or two:
For Molly and Dolly and Ora Lee
And for the love Nina never knew.

Some songs are written for the love that’s seen
In the eyes of the cutest girl in town:
Amy, Diana, Fanny, Gigi, and Jean
Liza, Delilah, and Sweet Georgia Brown.

Some songs are written to capture the grace
In the wide smiles that wile and beguile you:
Margie, Maria, and Nancy with the laughing face;
Laura, Louise, and don’t forget Sweet Sue.

Of all the lyrics composed for ladies
The finest words were omitted somehow.
There never was a tender ballad for Brenda
There never was her love song until now.

When Brenda and I moved to North Carolina the first time, from time to time we went to Myrtle Beach. While there we discovered beach music and the shag (we called it fast dancing or the bop or some other name). We loved to shag and still do. In fact, we placed first in the shag division in a dance contest when we were taking dance lessons back in the day. We have the trophy to prove it. On one of our trips to Myrtle Beach we heard what has become one of “our songs”: the beach music classic by OC Smith: Brenda:


Happy Birthday, Beautiful.

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One Response to “A song for Brenda”

  1. Brenda Johnson Says:

    Thanks so much! This song by O.C. Smith always makes me smile.
    Love you,

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