Unto the hills: Looking toward Zion

Taken from Psalm 121:7-8 in the Message Bible, the Verse of the Day for June 22, 2017 provides great comfort and assurance to the believer:

GOD guards you from every evil,
he guards your very life.
He guards you when you leave and when you return,
he guards you now, he guards you always.

A previous blog entry entitled “Psalm 121: Looking beyond the hills” gives a more in-depth discussion of this celebrated psalm which is said to be among the Psalms of Degrees or Songs (Psalms) of Ascent. Psalms 120-134 comprise a “hymn book” from which pilgrims sang as they were ascending Mount Zion, the highest point in Jerusalem, the place of celebration of the annual feasts mandated by God for the Children of Israel. Paul Stroble, in his blog devoted to this psalm, points out that “Clift McCann writes in The New Interpreter’s Bible that these psalms are all short enough to be memorized and several contain references to everyday life, implying that these psalms reflect the experiences of everyday people traveling or arriving at Jerusalem.”

Stroble, also mentions that various writers refer to Psalm 121 as “the psalm for the journey of life,” and “the psalm for sojourners.” He continues his discussion of the merits of this psalm that he finds especially meaningful “because of the comfort of its promises as one travels literally and figuratively.”

Indeed, Zion is the ultimate destination of those pilgrims journeying to Jerusalem and those sojourning through life. Fourteen years ago I heard a life-changing teaching on the spiritual significance of Zion in a believer’s life, and the message inspired this poem:


For the LORD hath chosen Zion; he hath desired it for his habitation.
Psalm 132:13

To ascend the holy hill, the quest to reach Mount Zion,
To dwell in that high mountain, a place of untold beauty.
Still onward and upward in this lifelong journey,
We situate ourselves in an accurate position,
As our obedience activates the blessings of God.
Our spirit overflows and floods our heart with new song.

With all that is within us, we yearn to sing the Lord’s song,
As we migrate upward from Babylon to Mount Zion,
Up to Jerusalem, the place of the Temple of God,
The place where we shall worship God in all of His beauty.
We are ever moving toward that ultimate position,
Knowing both anguish and joy in our perfecting journey.

We are moving toward a place of wholeness as we journey
From an alien land where we could not sing the Lord’s song,
As we arise to a more elevated position,
To stand on the Rock, the chief cornerstone, laid in Zion,
Where we shall behold the Lord in His resplendent beauty
And see more clearly revelation from the heart of God.

Great and glorious and wondrous is the City of God.
We celebrate the goodness of God along this journey.
The Lord, our God, has fashioned the perfection of beauty.
Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised with joyful song.
God displays His passion for Jerusalem and Zion:
He reigns over all the earth from this lofty position.

The grace of God flows freely from the highest position,
From the exalted place of the tabernacle of God,
Who has set His King upon the holy hill of Zion.
The sons of God shall be blessed and refreshed on their journey,
Teaching each other with psalm and hymn and spiritual song.
Ascend to worship at the transcendent throne of beauty.

The stone once rejected is now the stone of great beauty.
The chief cornerstone has become the foremost position.
The Rock of our Salvation fills our hearts with a new song.
Glory and honor and power and wisdom to our God,
Who strengthens and sustains us with power on our journey
To our destiny, perfected in a place called Zion.

The Lord, the Almighty God, is enthroned in great beauty.
As we journey, we maintain an accurate position,
For from Mount Zion flow countless blessings and endless song.

To conclude, Clint Brown offers a stirring medley Zion/Highest Praise:

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