Word for the Day: Mess-up-ness


Instead of focusing on the “Verse of the Day,” from time to time our blog post will feature the “Word for the Day,” meaning that we will select a particular word and expound upon its meaning and personal application. I am revising and re-posting The Word for the Day chosen on August 15, 2020. Today we are going to examine a coined expression used by Pastor Michael Bivens several years ago: “Messed-up-ness.” The term is a noun meaning “a state of perpetually ‘messing up’ or being ‘messed up’.” His message inspired the following:

Despite All Our “Mess-up-ness”

Despite all our “mess-up-ness”, you love us as your own Son.
You told us then showed us that we’ve already won.
You wrapped our soul in peace and dispelled all distress,
Cleaned up our mess and clothed us with righteousness.
You are our all-wise Father, the Almighty One.

Who can compare with the Lord, our God? There is none
Who pursues us with such passion. We are undone.
We are speechless, overwhelmed by your blessedness,
Despite all our “mess-up-ness.”

From the dawning of each day to the setting sun,
You remind us, “It’s all right, my beloved one.”
To tell our thanks in words is so hard to express:
We want to tell you and show you, nevertheless.
You alone know the truth, when all is said and done,
Despite all our “mess-up-ness.”

In spite of our best efforts as believers and our most noble and earnest intentions, we so often find ourselves in what can only be described as an “epic mess,” generally the result of our own doing. In the midst of our messes, it is good to recall the goodness of God and His faithfulness to redeem, restore and to give life to every worst-case scenario that we ever encounter. A previous blog entry points out the reassuring reality found in the words of Robert Moorman:

“Only God can turn a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, and a victim into a victory. God is so good . . . all the time!”

We conclude with a special, classic song that describes the power of the Lord to transform lives: “Something Beautiful,” written and performed by Bill Gaither and the Gaither Vocal Band.

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