Reflections on a special time and place


LJ and BJ

This Labor Day weekend is a special time for my wife, Brenda, and me, as we return to Washington, DC to celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary and the joy of being grandparents for the first time in the place where we first met in 1971. My heart overflows with gratitude to God who answered our prayers, as we each asked God for someone whom we would love and marry and with whom we would serve God together forever. When I lived and worked in the District from 1969-1971, I recall thinking of the woman whom I would meet and ultimately marry:

God stretched out his hand, and then He gently drew you

To me with a true love that time cannot erase.

I thought of you long before I ever knew you.

Before our two lives touched, my heart reached out to you.


The Nation’s Capital is important to us for another reason as well since we returned to DC right after we were married for our first assignment as coordinators of local fellowships for the ministry that we were affiliated with at the time. The above photo taken in DC during our first year of marriage shows us with our Bibles, as the Word of God has been and continues to be the foundation for our lives.

We each prayed and God answered, as I remember.

Before I knew you, I reached toward you in my heart,

Where I had prepared, set aside a special place.

Until we met, I had been patiently waiting.

Our lives were entwined, and we were forever changed,

As we vowed to walk in God’s love from that moment.

Happy Anniversary to My Beloved Brenda Joyce, the wife of my youth, in whom I still rejoice. I still love you and thank God for you. This is still our song:

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One Response to “Reflections on a special time and place”

  1. Jacqueline Torain Says:

    God bless both of you. You have touched my life in ways you will never know. Thank you so much for being there and shoeing me Jesus and His love in a way that no one else could.

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