With a grateful heart

1 Thessalonians-5 18 New

This morning, the day after Christmas, I varied my usual routine and instead of reflecting on the Verse of the Day, I turned my thoughts toward expressing my gratitude to God for what was a glorious Christmas Day celebrated with one of my daughters and her husband in their new home outside of Washington, DC. As the morning unfolded, I was overwhelmed with gratitude to God as I listened to a recording of soothing piano music, a compilation of original music entitled “Peace” by Bryan Popin. The overflow of my time of worship was the following:

With a Grateful Heart

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son
Don Moen

I reflect with deep gratitude for the best Christmas ever,
And seek a new way to say thank you, something truly clever
To convey just how grateful I am for all that You have done,
But finding the right words said in just the right way can never
Satisfy this vast longing to respond as a faithful son:
You have supplied richly my heart’s desires and met each need,
Yet words are not enough; some concepts defy definition:
I must show You in thought, in word, and deed.
Show and tell, no child’s play but my mission.
Please read between the lines of songs of praise;
These humble attempts reflect so much more,
As I seek to walk in wisdom and to number all my days.
I surrender and linger in Your presence, yielded and still
With a grateful heart, abiding in the center of Your will.

The introductory lyrics come from the classic Don Moen song of worship from which the title is also taken.


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