Good pleasure of His will, revisited

Psalm 149--4The Verse of the Day for yesterday, August 8, 2015, came from Psalm 149:4. In discussing the verse, I used the Amplified Bible:

For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation and adorn the wretched with victory.

As I was reflecting on the topic “God’s good pleasure,” I thought of a journal entry that I made in 2004, but I could not locate it. While looking for another entry on another topic this morning, I discovered what I was seeking yesterday. Here is a journal entry written in response to one of the questions asked as part of the follow-up discussions based on Rick Warren’s The Purpose-driven Life which I was reading at that time. Here are lyrics of two songs composed in response to the following:

When you live in the light of eternity, the question changes from “How much pleasure am I getting out of life?” to “How much pleasure is God getting out of my life?” God is looking for people like Noah in the 21st century—people willing to live for the pleasure of God. This lifestyle of worship is the only wise, sensible way to live.

The Days of Noah and Now

When God searched the earth during the days of Noah,

What did He see?

His creation lay in violence: Every thought of the heart of man

was only evil continually.

But there was a just man, perfect in his generations,

A man who walked with God, and God was pleased with him.

Violent men lived in sin and defiled the Word of God,

But Noah found grace,

But Noah found grace,

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

The eyes of the Lord still search the earth;

God seeks that He might find.

He looks for those willing to pray the price,

Those who put off the works of the flesh

And who are renewed in the spirit of their mind.

As in the days of Noah God is still seeking.

As He was seeking then, I am seeking now that I might also find.

May I find grace in Your eyes, O Lord.

May I find grace in Your eyes, O Lord.

May I find favor according to Your Word.

In all I say, in all I do,

may I learn to be meek.

In Your eyes may I find all that I seek.

Here is another song regarding the pleasures of God, in terms of an inquiry as to what pleases Him:

What Is Your Pleasure?

What is your pleasure? What shall I bring?

What do you desire as an offering?

What shall I give you? What will suffice?

What shall I offer as a perfect sacrifice?

Tell me your desires: what do you say?

Your only desire is that I learn to obey.

You desire truth in the inward parts:

A broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart.

This is your pleasure. This will I bring.

I give you my life as an offering.

You have purchased me: You have paid the price.

I am your offering: a living sacrifice.

I am your offering: a living sacrifice.

Teach me to follow you; teach me your way.

Teach me to listen and quickly obey.

I long to please you and see you smile.

May a heart of worship be my lifestyle.

May a heart of worship be my lifestyle.

This journal entry written more than 11 years ago, still has personal application for me today.

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One Response to “Good pleasure of His will, revisited”

  1. Brenda Johnson Says:

    Thank you. Wonderful article.

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