James 1:5: Asking God for wisdom


The Verse of the Day for January 23, 2015 can be viewed as a follow-up to the Verse of the Day from the previous day where we focused our attention on the verbs, “ask, seek, and knock,” as revealed in Matthew 7:7-8. Today we are looking at the blog entry posted a year ago and modifying it, as we direct our attention to James 1:5 in the New Living Translation:

If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.

This exhortation from James brings to mind the exhortation to pursue wisdom. Asking God for wisdom can be seen as part of our pursuing of wisdom which we are asked to do, not only in James 1:5 but throughout the Book of Proverbs as well. The idea of pursuing wisdom brought to mind an incident that occurred a number of years ago.

I recall going on a field trip to the Indiana Dunes State Park, outside of Gary, Indiana, when I was in middle school, what we called “junior high school,” back in the day. Somehow I came across a small stream running through a wooded area. As I followed the creek through the winding woods, I was determined to find the area where the stream began, but as I progressed, the size of the stream remained the same and continued to flow on seemingly endlessly. After about a half an hour, I realized that I needed to get back to area where we supposed to meet before departing on the bus and returning to “the Steel City.” When I arrived at the place where we were to meet, I learned that I was quite late, and that I had delayed their departure.

As I was reflecting upon the exhortation to ask God for wisdom, this experience from my childhood came to mind, in light of the directive to pursue wisdom, to search diligently for wisdom, and wholeheartedly seek to find this valuable spiritual entity. I also thought of the following poem that is related to one of the Seven Spirits of God spoken of in Isaiah 11:2 and elsewhere:

 The Spirit of Wisdom

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom.

  And in all your getting, get understanding.

 Proverbs 4:7 NKJV


As I finish my course, I shall walk and not faint

And cause to flee, as one chases an enemy.

As a hunter tracks down his game with no restraint,

So your fragrance arouses me as I awake.

Desire, a fire, flames the passion deep within me.

Though I have felt your touch and kissed your lips before.

As a lover pursues his beloved, so I

Yearn to be with you and to know you even more,

Assured that all who pursue you shall also find.

As the sun rises to follow its daily course,

Zealously I seek you with my heart and soul and mind,

As one traces a winding river to its source.

As one forsakes all to pursue a priceless treasure,

So I seek the Spirit of Wisdom’s good pleasure.


Although that experience occurred almost sixty years ago, I am still asking for wisdom while earnestly seeking to find the source of all life, the river of life, from which flows wisdom, knowledge, understanding and all the attributes of God.

The last line of the poem brings to mind a song that captures the essence of who all believers desire to be: “Seekers of Your Heart” rendered by Steve Green, Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris.

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