Psalm 19:14: Three songs inspired by the verse

The Verse of the Day for October 16, 2013 is taken from Psalm 19:14:


Listen to a recording of Psalm 19:7-14 read by Alexander Scourby, whom the Chicago Tribune described as having the greatest voice ever recorded.

The Book of Psalms continues to be one of my favorite books of the Bible which has been such an inspiration to me as believer who writes poetry. Psalms, which also can be viewed as a collection of songs, has been the inspiration for countless musical compositions over the centuries. Here are three contemporary Christian songs based on the Verse of Day

Fernando Ortega sings “Let the Words of My Mouth”

Another song inspired by Psalm 19:14 is “May the Words of My Mouth.” I could not identify the artist.

Johnny Holmes concludes with a rendition of Psalm 19:14 entitled “Song of My Heart”

Psalm 19:14 expresses a deep desire of my heart uttered as a prayer to begin this day.

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