On the way to doing the will of God, God will make a way.

As I grew up, the church was an important part of my life. I recall that the speeches made by the three top-ranking students in my high school graduating class focused on the home, the church and the school. These three institutions were within a three-block radius in the neighborhood where I grew up in Gary, Indiana during its golden days back in the 1950s. During this time, I remember one of the vivid descriptions of God, who was said to be “a way maker, who can make a way out of no way.” As I matured in the Lord, endeavoring to demonstrate my commitment to God and His Word, I found out firsthand on countless occasions that the description was more than mere cliché but a reality.

In our efforts to walk with the Lord as we seek to do His will, we all encounter challenges and difficult situations that seem impossible to resolve on our own. The Bible reminds us of God’s unfailing power and strength to turn a seemingly impossible situation into a triumphant victory. Isaiah 43:19 declares what God is able to do:


This particular verse and the tragic death of his nephew became the inspiration for one of Don Moen’s signature musical compositions, “God Will Make a Way,” offered here by Hosanna! Music.

Another contemporary gospel song by Shirley Caesar echoes the same unchanging truth:  “God Will Make a Way”

The reality of God’s faithfulness brought to mind the poem “Hand upon the Plow,” offering several examples from the Bible to illustrate that “The Lord will make a way somehow….”

Hand upon the Plow                                                     

 Jesus said to him, No one who puts his hand

to the plow and looks back [to the things behind

is fit for the kingdom of God.

Luke 9:62


 “Keep your hand on the plow, hold on!”

–Black Spiritual


When life ain’t like it suppose to be,

Right then and there it occurs to me

Folks been in fixes worse than me,

Right in the Bible where I see:

The Lord will make a way somehow.

Just keep your hand upon the plow.


Pharaoh said, “Kill each Hebrew boy,”

But Moses’ Ma was full of joy

Cause Pharaoh’s daughter raised her boy.

The Lord will make a way somehow.


The lions looked so lean and thin

When they throwed Daniel in the den,

But Old Man Daniel didn’t bend.

Just keep your hand upon the plow.


When Jesus died, God paid the cost

And at that time all seem like lost,

But God planned ahead for Pentecost.

The Lord will make a way somehow.


Paul and Silas didn’t rant and wail

When they throwed both of them in jail.

They called on God, and He didn’t fail.

Just keep your hand upon the plow.


When troubles start to buggin you

Remember, there’s just one thing to do:

Look to God and He’ll see you through.

What he did for them, He’ll do for you.


The Lord will make a way somehow.

Just keep your hand upon the plow.


One of the inspirations for the poem is the line from the spiritual “Keep  Your Hand on the Plow,”  performed in the inimitable manner of the Queen of Gospel music of the 20th Century, Mahalia Jackson, who offers this inspiring rendition:

The poem and the accompanying musical reminders all reinforce the message that as we strive to live for God, that on the way to doing the will of God, God will make a way.







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