As I Begin This Day. . .

Many times I begin my day reflecting on the goodness of God, recalling how much I love the Lord when I realize just how much He loves me. I attempt to express my thoughts in a blog post “As I Begin this Day. . .” which I am re-blogging here.

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This morning as I started my day with a time of prayer and meditation, I came across one of my poems:

 I Begin This Day

Walk with me, Lord, walk w                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Walk with me, Lord, walk with me.

Walk with me, Lord, walk with me.

While I’m on this tedious journey,

I want Jesus to walk with me.

Traditional Black Gospel Song                         


In the morning before I start on my journey,

As I greet and prepare to meet you each new day,

Once more you strengthen my soul and encourage me

And bolster my confidence all along the way.

Lord, teach me how to walk by faith and not by sight.

Each time I renew my mind, I prove you once more:

That you withhold no good thing from those who walk upright–

I have seen your faithfulness countless times before,

As you opened doors…

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