Celebrating my birthday: Recalling the first and most recent “occasional” poetry

June 17

As an “occasional” poet, meaning that I have been known to pen a poem or two from time to time, as well as being someone who writes poetry for specific occasions. One such occasion that generally inspires me to write a poem is my birthday. Today is my birthday, and as I began my day in reflecting with great gratitude over the past 71 years, I happened to recall the first occasional poem that I wrote, even before I ever acknowledged and accepted the poet’s calling.  My twenty-first birthday seemed a noteworthy occasion worth commenting on, and so I wrote a few lines which I entitled “Upon Turning Twenty-one,” a title that suggests a work of much grander proportions than my feeble first efforts might indicate.  Two years ago, I posted a blog entry written in celebration of my birthday, making reference to my first “occasional poem.” Here is a link to that particular entry:


Today, in celebration of my birthday, I composed a new poem in which I refer to that first poem and several other compositions written over the years. I trust that you will read, reflect, and appreciate the sentiment that I express as a poet rooted in the Bible, writing from a Christian perspective


Poet Laureate

Reflections on my 71st birthday

June 17, 2013


The breath of the Spirit stirred my passion to create

With words to commemorate “Upon Turning Twenty-one”

My calling as so-called “self-appointed poet laureate:”

Before God even spoke, the work was already done.

He knew I would seek to be all He called me to be.

A son of Issachar, I inquire what does it mean

To stand at this time and place: “This Year of My Jubilee”

“Upon Turning Seventy-one” today in 2013.

“Young man, you’re born for luck,” I heard a wise woman say.

Happy, blessed, and fortunate is the man in the first Psalm.

The blessings of the Lord have abounded all along the way,

As I flourish in the courts of God as a fruitful palm.

The grace of God still abounds these three score years and ten plus one

I assess my life with gratitude “When All is Said and Done.”



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2 Responses to “Celebrating my birthday: Recalling the first and most recent “occasional” poetry”

  1. Michele Caldwell Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    • Dr. J Says:

      Each birthday is a significant occasion for which I give thanks to God that I find myself in the “land of the living” another year. There are so many factors that have contributed to my having lived to celebrate my 71st birthday. Quiet as it’s kept, you Michele and your testimony of faith and trust in God provided great encouragement to me and helped to build my faith for the miraculous. That you would wish me a happy birthday is especially meaningful. Thanks so much.
      Dr. J

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