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Eleven for Twelve on 11-4-12

November 4, 2012

Isaiah 62 with its 12 verses comprises the theme for the New Year: “Twelve for Twelve in 2012.”

At the beginning of the New Year, I posted a blog in Dr. J’s Apothecary Shoppe based on my theme and scriptural focal point for 2012. In this case, I had selected Isaiah 62, a passage that most providentially contains twelve verses. In studying the chapter, I decided to write a series of poems, as I personalized each of the twelve verses, calling the collection “Twelve for Twelve for 2012.” Here is the link to the first installment, published in two parts, inspired by Isaiah 62:1: “One for Twelve”:

And so the series continues with the eleventh installment “Eleven for Twelve,” a personalized poetic rendering of Isaiah 62:11, posted on November 4, 2012 (11-4-12).  Here is the verse from the New Living Testament:

The Lord has sent this message to every land:
    “Tell the people of Israel,
‘Look, your Savior is coming.
    See, he brings his reward with him as he comes.

 Eleven for Twelve

 Isaiah 62:11


The Lord has sent forth this message to every land:

Note the signs and see the Lord’s return is at hand                                                    

The Lord proclaimed to the ends of the whole earth                      

That He shall make known what each man’s reward is worth.                                                                           

“Go tell Israel, ‘Look, your Savior is coming.

 Behold, he brings his reward with him as he comes.’”                                                          

The Lord will sustain you until salvation becomes                      

Your portion: your redemption is forthcoming.

Look up, Daughter of Zion, see your salvation                                                          

The Lord of glory comes; His reward is with Him,                                                                    

For His work and recompense extend  before Him.                                  

The Lord has sent forth this message to every nation.

This passage and the poem bring to mind the lyrics to the classic gospel song “The King is Coming” arranged and narrated by Ken Smith.