Word for the Day: Daily Dose of Good Medicine.

During the first week of the first month of the New Year 2012, as I prepare a blog entry for Dr. J’s Apothecary Shoppe, I recall the early days of my first profession as a registered pharmacist. For more than 25 years I was a practicing pharmacist, but now as a writer and minister, I use my skills in poetry and prose while incorporating music and visual arts to “fill prescriptions” designed to minister to the heart and soul in this blog.

To become more faithful in blogging, I plan to post “Word for the Day: Daily Dose of Good Medicine.” I invite you to stop by and see what remedies I have been working on recently, as I continue to compound “After the Art of the Apothecary.”

To learn more about “Good Medicine” from Dr. J. click here.

Isaiah 62: New Theme for the New Year:

At the beginning of each year I select a theme and a theme verse(s) that become focal points for my Biblical study and spiritual exploration during that year. My first entry for 2012 relates to the theme restoration and redemption as revealed in Isaiah 62. This section from the Old Testament speaks of God’s covenant with His people. Though Israel is in captivity at the time of the writing of this passage, God promises to keep speaking and working until His purposes for Jerusalem are fulfilled.

Rob Philipps in his blog OnceDelivered.net, comments on this passage:

Isaiah likens Jerusalem’s future relationship with Yahweh to a marriage. Rather than being called Deserted or Desolate – names that accurately describe the city in the depths of judgment – Jerusalem will be named Hephzibah (“My Delight is in Her”) and Beulah (“Married One”). When a bride marries, she receives a new name. Even though Israel already is married to Yahweh, He will give her new names that describe her spiritual renewal and depict the Lord’s profound joy in her. Verse 5b reads: “… as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so your God will rejoice over you.” This description of Yahweh’s special relationship with the redeemed of Israel complements the relationship Christ, the bridegroom, has with His bride, the church. Together, Jew and Gentile believers will share in a glorious and everlasting relationship with God.

The context of the Isaiah 62 relates to the marriage relationship, whereby bridegroom and bride will ultimately be re-united in a magnificent manner.

A Living Illustration of Love:

Last week, my daughter, Melissa sent me an email with a link to a YouTube video of the wedding of a friend of hers whom she had recently contacted. The groom was Christopher Draft, former NFL player, who had married Keasha Rutledge in Atlanta on November 27 of last year. Unfortunately Keasha, who had been diagnosed with cancer a year ago, died three months after their wedding. As I watched the wedding ceremony, I was moved to tears.

Upon thinking about the New Year and my selected verses from Isaiah 62, I thought of the wedding of Christopher and Keasha and noted a parallel between Christ and his bride, the Church.  In literature there is term called a “Christ Figure.” The term refers to a person or figure that represents Christ allegorically or symbolically with qualities generally reminiscent of Christ, one of the most notable of which “self sacrifice.” Chris Draft is reminiscent of Christ, who so loved that he selflessly sacrificed his life for his bride . . . “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly.”  Christopher, true to the name from which his is derived, certainly demonstrates unconditional love for his bride.

Here is the video trailer to Chris and Keasha’s wedding: 


This is my first blog entry in the New Year, as Dr. J’s Apothecary Shoppe is now open and offering a “Daily Dose of Good Medicine.”

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2 Responses to “Word for the Day: Daily Dose of Good Medicine.”

  1. Melissa Johnson Says:

    This is right on time. I was reading Isaiah 61 yesterday so I guess I need to come on down to 62…thanks for always inspiring me.

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