One Mo’ “Good News Day”

Another Day’s Journey, the song popularized by Lashaun Pace, came to mind this morning as I was preparing for the day. I am continuing to take to heart the words of exhortation from I Thessalonians 5:

Rejoice evermore,

Pray without ceasing,

In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Many times as I am driving to work, I give myself a morning pep talk and recite “Good News Day” and encourage myself in the Lord. I recall a saying I heard while I was on a short-term mission trip in Los Cabos, a beautiful scenic area on the tip of the Baja peninsula of Mexico: “There are no bad days in Cabo.” I smiled as I responded, “There are no bad days in Cabo (or anywhere else for that matter) because the Lord is good, and every day is a “Good News Day.”

El Arco (The Arch), Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

In a blog I posted regarding “Disappointment,” I made the following statement:

. . . [T]here is no failure in God, for God is good. The very essence of God is goodness. Indeed, Jesus Christ said, “There is none good but the Father.” And there is no comparative or superlative with God. There are no “better” days with God. God does not have the “best” day He’s had in a long time in comparison to others. With God everyday is a “Good News Day” because “God is good.” Period!

Many times in the midst of adverse circumstances when my life is not unfolding as I thought it would, I recall the words from Psalm 118:24, the introduction to Good News Day and I rejoice and celebrate the goodness of God one more time:


Good News Day

 This is the day the LORD has made;

we will rejoice and be glad in it.

 Psalm 118:24


It’s a good news day

no blues day

                new shoes

                no way to lose

What a good news day

It’s a great day

                I can’t wait day

                lift your voice

                let’s rejoice

Good God, a good news day

It’s a payday

                goin my way day

                no nay–all yea

                what you say

Such a good news day

It’s a live it up day

                overflowin cup day

                It’s a bright and bubbly

                doubly lovely

Show-nuff good news day

From Stone upon Stone: Psalms of Remembrance

Join me as I sing one more time my signature theme song: Good News Day–Musical Version

Johnny Nash offers the second verse of the same song with his popular “Bright Sunshiny Day.”  Have great and glorious day!

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6 Responses to “One Mo’ “Good News Day””

  1. plastic surgeons in new york Says:

    Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?

  2. John Alspaw Says:

    I printed the poem off because it is a part of our Thanksgiving dinner each year. I hope you remember me from long ago in the Maryland/DC area. I was very young and in the ministry when we met. Have a great Day

    • Dr. J Says:

      God bless you, John. Thanks for your comments and for making “Good New Day” a part of your Thanksgiving celebration. When I saw your name, I remembered your youthful smile and your excitement for the Word of God way back in the day about 40 or so years ago. Blessings to you and yours.

  3. laffagram Says:

    We sure love this song. And you! Thanks for sharing. Gene and Sherry Slavit

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