Not Enough

At times we have so much to say, but words are not enough.

As the month of November moves toward the last remaining days, we move closer to the final Thursday, the ever-popular day of food, family, football and more food, known as Thanksgiving Day. Originally the holiday was designated as a time set aside to offer thanks to God for his bountiful blessings. I especially look forward to this time of year when I attempt to express my gratitude for all that God has done for me.  Many times words cannot adequately convey the depth of gratitude that I feel, as I reflect upon the goodness of God over the past year. During such a moment of reflection, I composed this poem in which I recognize that many times words alone are not enough.

 Not Enough

 It’s not enough to say thank you,

for all the times you brought me through.

It’s not enough to say I’ll serve you, Lord, trust and obey.

The only way you’ll know is how I live.”

 Angelo and Veronica     

If I were fluent and could speak with 10,000 tongues

From every tribe that inhabits a place on this Earth

And could I speak 10,000 words of praise with each one,

Such words still fail to describe the measure of your worth.

Could I select choice words that men and angels have spoken,

They would be inadequate, as I try to express

All that lies within me, for words are but a token

Of my gratitude for your faithfulness and goodness.

As I strive to walk in love, the more excellent way,

I seek to align words and deeds so that they are one.

Read between the lines of all that I attempt to say,

As you assess my whole life when all is said and done.

In the midst of darkness, times have never been more tough.

Though my heart overflows, words alone are not enough.

Enjoy the YouTube video of Angelo and Veronica singing the song with the same title “Not Enough”:

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